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rNature Video's Gallery - Organic Waste Composting Machines

Introducing the rNature Automatic
Organic waste composting

Featuring how the machine works, the process, emptying and end result. See where our roaming rN250 trial machine has been and what the clients have said about our composting machine technology.

Case Study - rN250 organic waste composter with shredder in action, at a farm shop in Suffolk.

rN250 will process 250kg of organic waste in every 24 hour period
and the machine only needs emptying at the end of the week.
Fully automatic machine that does not require water to operate.
The shredder is now available for the rN250 model here in the UK.

Showing the complete process, including the pre-process stages for composting food waste.

The 40-50% reduction mentioned in this video, is the % reduction achieved just in the dewatering machine process; once the food waste is loaded into the rN machine, a further 80% reduction will be achieved.

Our rN5000 in action with added Bin Lifter feature

An insight into the operating process of our rN Composting Machines, here showing the rN5000 in action with Bin Lifter

Case Study - rN250 Trial Machine in action at Deane Valley Pasture Reared Produce

The rN250 is featured in this video turning waste food and organic material into compost and fertiliser for the farm.

Case Study - BBC Spotlight 14.02.22 Featuring rNature Composting Machines

BBC Spotlight featuring the rN250 composting machine at a farm and cafe in South Devon.

rNature Videos - Composting Machine in Action

The rN models featured in this video are the rN25, rN75, rN125, rN250, rN500 and the rN5000.

Case Study - rN composting machine in action at Emirates Park Zoo, Abu Dhabi

rN500 machine installed January 2021 at the Emirates Park Zoo, Abu Dhabi.

Case Study - rN composting machine at Emirates Park Zoo, Abu Dhabi

rN500 machine installed January 2021 at the Emirates Park Zoo, Abu Dhabi.

The NEW Bio Gas Generator

Digesting the food waste to generate methane gas from the food waste. This gas further is used for cooking purposes in the kitchen or can be used in a generator to generate electrical power.