25% is from hospitality and food manufacturing

3m tonnes = 50m tonnes of harmful greenhouse gases* through landfill

Methane gas is released which is 28 – 36 times more harmful than CO2

The Courtauld Commitment 2030 is a voluntary agreement by WRAP with the UK food and drink sector to collaboratively deliver reductions in farm to fork food waste, greenhouse gas emissions and water stress.

Over 300 UK flagship businesses have already committed
and the rNature composting machine can help you be part of this initiative.

How the rNature Composting machine

can help!

🌱 Organic waste is reduced by up to 90% and even cardboard can be processed (additional attachment required)

🌱 The aerobic process requires zero water

🌱 No harmful greenhouse gases are produced

🌱 No expensive transport costs to collect waste

🌱 No landfill

🌱 Solar panels can be connected

🌱 The 10% residue is nutritious compost approved by nrm laboratories

🌱 This compost can be re-used on your site, or made available to your customers as part of your own sustainable brand story

🌱 Environment Agency T23 Exemption (U10 & U11) allows the spreading of waste on agricultural and non-agricultural land 

The rN Composting Machine can improve your sustainability